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Liquidity Bot

Get a bot to work for you! A bot can reroute and remarket orders from outside venues and add extra liquidity to your platform. Simply run bitHolla's Robolla bot and automatically outsource your liquidity globally today.

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Professional Terminal Interfaces

Increase your user base by adding a pro terminal interface on your website or have your platform added to XRayTrade. Execute orders through hotkeys and easy-to-use direct orderbook interactions. Thanks to these expert features, provide the ultimate experience to the users of your platform. Get integrated with XRayTrade today.

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Asset Digitization

From gaming items, company assets and frequent shopping points, a multitude of assets can be digitized and tokenized. Digitizing your assets allows for greater efficiency, accountability and simpler allocation of value through more fluid, connected, non-paper means. One of the best ways to digitize your asset and get it on the blockchain with Vault infrastructure using the ERC-20 protocol.

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Consulting & Training

Regardless of scope and size, we advise companies on strategies applicable to the market. Tailored to clients' experience for optimized learning, our training focuses on the relevant topics in digital marketplace technologies. Our professional and vetted consultation will give you the tools and knowledge to navigate this dynamic space.

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Need help building your infrastructure? Do you have a third-party system that requires an an expert to the APIs? Get in touch with us to discuss your platforms customizations today.  

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Free open-source exchange kit

Build a digital marketplace with the best free open-source software!

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Build your blockchain business

Reach out for:

• Custom coding and development
• Advice and consultation
• Plugin development
• UX/UX customizations
• Custom blockchain development

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