Asset Management for Business

‣ Create & offer digital assets to users

‣ Build on a solid infrastructure

‣ Send and monitor blockchain events

Core infrastructure starts with Vault

A unified global asset management system that streamlines your business operations. Designed for businesses that want to build with blockchain based technologies.

3 Simple Steps

Name your Vault system

Name and select the type of asset to create a system for.

Create a PIN

Add a PIN to protect your system.

Record your key

Record the secret key for you your system.

Flexible base for multitude of services

Everything needed to plug into the future digital assets based system. Vault is simple to build upon software that's perfect for business use cases. Vault offers a stable yet highly flexible base for multitude of services.

‣ Digitial marketplaces

‣ Technology companies

‣ Asset managers

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Automated matching engine inside

Think of Vault as like having your own system for management of digital economies. The possibilities are endless when your operations and assets have been been digitized.

‣ Ecommerce platforms

‣ Global companies

‣ Userbase

Discuss solutions

Your digital infrastructure starts here.

Don't be reliant on third-parties and reduce dealing with operational complexity inherent with holding digital assets.

‣ Hold your own assets and the keys

‣ Build your own compliant system

‣ Maintain sovereignty

Get setup

Supports the currencies of the future

Compatible with major blockchains such as ERC20, TRC20 and BEP2.

Open your Vault in minutes. Pick from 3 types

Pick your vault from lite to heavy-duty. Simply register today and create an asset and start building upon your own digital first infrastructure.


Perfect for SMEs and small fund managers who want to manage crypto funds.
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‣ Hosted private cloud

‣ Enhanced security configurations

‣ Automatic address sweeping

‣ Batching transactions

‣ Programmatic remote access


Complete enterprise setup to build your digital marketplace and assets on-premise.
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‣ On premise setup

‣ Unlimited security configurations

‣ Automatic address sweeping

‣ Programmatic remote access

‣ Batching transactions

‣ Customized Reporting