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All The Features You Need

crypto pro
fiat Master
Exchange hosted with Holla cloud services¹
Built-in free domain
full features
Inbuilt exchange customization tools for theme, graphics & text
Custom domain
Add bitHolla plugins
Content Management
Assets and pairs
One free custom coin & pair¹
Fiat integration & KYC system
Add fiat assets¹
Add fiat bank or payment ramp¹
Know your customer (KYC) system

Explore an enterprise white-label platform and/or a Vault wallet management system for large scale business looking to manage their own markets liquidity. Learn more by contacting us.


What is the main difference between an cloud and DIY?

The cloud plan is your platform running with assistance from bitHolla secure hosting and server management. All cloud plans are part of the HollaEx Network with access to liquid markets from day one, with built-in assets supported by Vault. For usage of the network, there is a revenue share fee on all trades depending on the subscribed cloud plan.

How long are your contracts?

DIY kit users integrated into the HollaEx Network aren't bound by any strict contract and are free to join or leave the network as they please. For cloud connected plans that require setup assistance and platform hosting services a regular yearly or monthly contract applies that can easily be upgraded or downgraded upon request.

Do I get access to all the code for HollaEx Kit?

Yes. HollaEx Kit is open-source software that can be downloaded from GitHub. The kit is free to modify and customization are encouraged. Various blockchain interactions and matching engine are managed by HollaEx Network which is beyond the scope of HollaEx Kit and is offered automatically to all platforms using the kit.

How do I accept payments for my assets?

The HollaEx Kit integrates with Vault which is a asset management system. Vault accepts multiple large cap digital assets and chains.

If you have a bank or third-party fiat processor you can add your system to your platform to accept fiat deposits, this typically requires you have access to API system and an upgraded Fiat Master cloud plan.

How do I sign up?

Anyone can start for free! All you need to do is go through the setup and self-deploy your platform.

Payment is not required for using all the standard default HollaEx Kit features as a DIY operator.

How do I cancel the service?

If you are on a month-by-month payment plan, you can simply contact bitHolla.

Can I host my platform somewhere else?

Yes, the HollaEx Kit is designed so that you can do-it-yourself. Just export and host anywhere you'd like.

What do I need to run the HollaEx Kit on my server?

System Requirements (read installation guide)
• Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu), RHEL (CentOS), or macOS with Bash shell.
‣For Windows-only users, Install on Windows.
‣ For Kubernetes users, Kubernetes
• Minimum 2vCore of CPU
• Minimum 4GB of Memory
• Minimum 50GB of Free Disk Space
• Latest docker and docker-compose
• JSON Parser jq (download)

Make sure your system meets the requirements above otherwise, you may run into unexpected issues

• bitHolla account
For Production
• Your own domain (important)
‣ Amazon AWS (recommended for hosting)
‣ SMTP for email service
‣ Google reCaptcha Account for security
‣ Your own Docker registry e.g. Docker Hub (Optional)

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