Frequent Questions

How do I start making my own platform?

Starting your own platform with bitHolla takes minutes. Simply, register and login to the bitHolla dashboard and click the big blue create button. After you set up your platform you can run it yourself or ask bitHolla to host your platform (cloud option).

Is the software open source?

Yes, you can find the HollaEx Kit on GitHub.

Can I use a cloud-hosted HollaEx Kit?

Yes, when you create a platform you will be given the option to allow bitHolla to host your platform on the cloud.

Does bitHolla help me with liquidity and market-making?

Yes, bitHolla can provide solutions for liquidity and market-making. All you need to do is create your market platform and bitHolla will get in touch with you.

What assets can be on the HollaEx Kit?

It is possible to use any and all assets with the HollaEx Kit. Simply add the asset of your choice when creating your platform. Upon approval of the new assets there is a donation required for activating the new assets and trading pairs to the HollaEx Network. This means other platforms on the network can add your assets as well.

Out of the box, the HollaEx Kit by default supports most of common assets available and it uses the bitHolla Vault business system. In addition, Vault supports any and all ERC-20 compatible assets.

Can I create my own digital assets with HollaEx Kit?

Yes, the token creation system is part of the platform creation process. By clicking 'Add Asset' and selecting 'Create New Asset' you give your asset a name and symbol and pair it against another asset for trading.

Where are funds actually stored for the platform?

The funds are stored using Vault which monitors, manages and secures all assets. For direct user account monitoring and balance details, they are reflected on the admin control dashboard included as part of the HollaEx Kit. HollaEx Network has a business Vault built-in so the funds are managed by the Network automatically.

Does Vault provide both hot and cold for my platform?

Yes, Vault supports types.

For the purposes of a platform business where real-time deposits and withdrawals are required, then Vault's hot wallet is perfectly suited for this business purpose.

For long-term fund storage with minimal withdrawal access, a cold wallet Vault solution is available from bitHolla.

Get a free consultation by contacting bitHolla and find the right asset management solution for you.

Is the software tested and audited?

Yes, the software has been in use globally since 2014 and can be self-audited on GitHub.

Depending on your countries regulations you may need to obtain further audit and compliance demands.

What are the running costs?

The costs vary depending on whether you self-host or you outsource the hosting.

Self-hosting and using the HollaEx Kit in its default state, with minimal customization is free to start and includes Basic revenue sharing.

For a small recurring monthly payment, bitHolla can run your system and servers on the cloud with revenue sharing depending on your plan.

How do I connect an on-ramp to my platform?

If your processor provides you with API access then connecting it to your platform is easy. Simply, sign up, complete the setup and apply for a Fiat Master plan. Keep in mind that fiat systems would need to provide their own fiat processor.

Alternatively, you can use a stable-assets in place of a fiat processor.